Wedding paper has many different facets that come together to form a set that allows you and your significant other’s personality to shine through.

Sometimes I get asked how this can be done on a budget. The wedding invitations and related paper that you will find here on the site are cheap. But if you are on a more restrictive budget or if you want more creative freedom you should consider a DIY set of paper.


When it comes to wedding paper there are a lot of different directions to take. Some people really love a matching set for the entire timeline. That means that engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, wedding invitations, and the thank you cards for all of the different steps need to match. This can be nice but it doesn’t need to match – there are many styles that work well with one another in combination and give you the best that everything has to offer. It depends on one important aspect of the wedding. You.

When you create your own wedding invitation there are a lot of reasons why the invitations that you get at the end of the process are more satisfying than simply having them made elsewhere.

  • DIY wedding invitations are made to order because you make them
  • They are made two fit your wedding and your budget
  • A DIY piece of wedding paper can be anything you want it to be

The last point is the most important, though the other two aspects on the list are nearly as important.

Country Wedding Paper

The best way you can learn about DIY wedding paper is if we look at a practical example. Examples are always helpful when it comes to getting a better grasp of a new process. That is why I thought it would be neat to look at a style of wedding that I find very rewarding. It is also a lot easier to create country themed wedding invitations than some of the other styles. Another benefit is that the related wedding paper may or may not match. It really doesn’t matter when it comes to country weddings.

When you set out to plan your wedding you will have a couple of ideas in mind, things that you would like to try, some of them might feel like they are out of reach while others may just feel like they don’t work. The best way for you to see what is feasible, what works, and what is better left out is to try it and see if it works. By attempting to fit something in you will know if you have a winner on your hands or not. And there are a lot of things that you can try with your wedding stationary.

As you plan your wedding you will realize that getting married has a number of celebrations associated with it celebrate leading up to the wedding, and the majority of them are really liquid. Some couples will make every attempt at experiencing each and every party that appears on the time line, while other couples will only choose to focus on the highlights. It doesn’t matter how many or few you choose to enjoy on your path to marital bliss, what matters is how well the ones that you do choose meet your expectations.

The ability to find the right wedding paper for the celebrations that you choose is one measure of success that leads to being satisfied with the parties outcome.

Country weddings are one example of a celebration which is familiar but new and unique all at the same time.

It can be a gratifying style of wedding, one that allows you to create a wide palette of your very own designs.

Country Inspired Invitations

Now I know what you are asking yourself right now, what can they look like? And the answer is easy when you know that they really can look like anything that you want. There are a lot of ways to make a country invitation for a wedding. But there are equally as many ways for you to make them for all of the other parties that come along as well.

The way you choose to make them depends on a number of factors.

  1. Your budget
  2. Your skill
  3. The time frame

Each of these three items all affect the way your final result will look. Though when you choose to DIY you can approach each of these aspects the way they best fit your own situation.

Your budget is one of the aspects that plays a big role when you have your wedding paper professionally printed, though it can be rather affordable if you choose to host a country wedding.

When you choose to make your own set of invitations it almost always comes down to your skill.

This might seem like a daunting task when you first start out, though making your own wedding stationary is one of the easiest things that you could pick for a DIY project. Many of the items that you will require can be purchased in one from or another.

One aspect that almost always plays a role in your wedding is the deadline, and when you choose to make your own wedding invitations even if they are country in nature this can present you with a couple of missed hours of sleep. Though a deadline isn’t something that goes away when you order your invitations from a printer and having them printed by the professionals doesn’t always mean that they will be done the way you expect them to be done.

Further Reading

There really isn’t an end to all of the different things that you can create for your wedding. The ability to take control over your wedding and get the look you want is an empowering first step into having your dream wedding. The following resources are a great start if you want to take even more control over the way your wedding will turn out.

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